About me


My name is Prabhanjan. If it’s tough to spell, you’ll can always call me Pabby

First of all, I would like to tell you people how I reached to the website headline “my_life_destiny_rules“.  Since we are bound to destiny, I went with the headline mentioned.

And since “Time” is one of the most important substance of all our lives, I went with the website name “travelintimes“.

Traveling always fascinated me right from childhood. I always like to explore new places and things. I love to travel both with my friends and solo.

I’m an Engineer by profession. Now since I’m earning and plus that the age is on my side, will try to visit as many places and meet as many new people as possible.

Apart from travelling, my other hobbies are sketching, painting, cooking and reading novels and playing football.

Also, I like to learn new languages to enhance my communication skills. I’m fluent in English, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and I’m keen in learning Sanskrit, German, French languages.

And in all I’m a fun loving guy!!!


How and When did I start blogging?…

It was the night of November 15th 2019. Usual thing when I was unable to sleep even after spending more than an hour in the bed. Suddenly a thought arises in my mind about how would it be if I start blogging about my travel. 

I always liked writing or typing and even though I never maintained a dairy about my travel experience, I remember the most part of it even if it is dated years back. All thanks to my elephantine memory. 😛

This is how it all began, I started with the first trip I had been after starting my corporate life.

The trip to Nandi hills, Bengaluru was indeed very special to me since I made many friends or should I say my travel buddies.

Hope you’ll enjoy it…


Where all I’ve been to?…

Till date it has all been South India.

I have been to the states of Goa exploring a few beaches.

Been to Maharashtra exploring various types of places from the cosmopolitan Mumbai to one of the best carved temples in Aurangabad, Ellora and so on.

To Kerala exploring the lush green tea estates and to Tamil Nadu to admire the huge ancient temples built.

I stay in Karnataka and have explored the beautiful beaches of Gokarna to the magnificent ruins of Hampi.

Soon I’ll be planning my trips to the parts of Northern India and definitely to other countries once the pandemic is over.


Get in touch…

I fairly admit that is has been a great experience until now to share my experience. It always feels nice to hear from you in the blog comments.

I will always be open to suggestions and feedback regarding my style of blogging. 

Feel free to drop by a message regarding questions, suggestions or anything either to my mail, my number or to any of my social media accounts.