A weekend stay at the “Scotland of India”…

The lust, obviously for travel just keeps on increasing.

Me and one of my friend started planning just a week prior to the traveling date. Firstly COORG was our only option in the itinerary. MYSORE randomly got added. Trust me preparing the itinerary is never easy. My friend and her friend made a fantastic job in doing so.

Finally after so much discussions, the plan was ready on the paper. Within no time we even booked the traveller. We were 14.

On 1st December 2018, we left for Mysore at around 4am from Bangalore. Our first stop was Chamundeshwari hills. We reached Mysore around 7am or 8am, had breakfast and left for the hills. It was a Saturday and some school children from nearby had come there for their picnic. So even though we went up the hills near the temple, we skipped entering it owing to the crowd and time it would take to come out. Out of us 14, 2 were extremely adventurous (Nikhil and Aboli). They went up to the hills by stairway. I don’t know the number of stairs but there were too many. We could sense the exhaustion in their legs. But, hats off to you both. We stayed there for an hour, clicked some pics, made some memories and left for Coorg.

Touchdown Coorg around 3pm, had a heavy lunch. We messed up with our itinerary and made a new plan viz “VISIT THE PLACES WHICH ARE FEASIBLE IN THE REMAINING TIME”. So, our next stop was Raja’s Seat. It is beautiful garden with a musical fountain, very well maintained indeed. One of the best place in the Coorg to witness the sunset along with the view of lush green high and low rise mountains covered in mist. The cool breeze brought me chills. To warm my body, I had a Coorg special “A cup of COFFEE”. My travel partners for this trip. Picture clicked at the Raja’s seat.

We then left for our stay which we had booked through Airbnb. A well-built, well maintained dormitory enough for 16-20 people to stay and well inside the forest area. Trust me it was scary. The caretaker helped lit up the bonfire. There is a nice seating arrangement made around the bonfire. In addition we were blessed to have a singer in the form of Shivansh. While on the way to the homestay from Raja’s seat, I had bought a wine bottle which was made in Coorg. So, WINE+BONFIRE+MUSIC=HEAVEN

We barely slept for 3 or 4 hours, woke up at 4am and left for Mandalpatti hills. The roads to the top of the hill is too steep and narrow for the tempo traveller. Hence, we had to book Safari jeeps. The Safari cost is neither costly nor cheap. They took us to the Safari base exactly at the brink of sunrise. Had to climb up the hill for few minutes and there it is, a mesmerizing view of the sunrise showering in new, fresh rays of hope going in to the new day of our life. Words fell short to describe the view around. To help you out, I’ll just post a picture.

This is what I was speaking about folks…

We had a fantastic early morning time at Mandalpatti hills, spent around 2 hours, clicked a loads of pictures and left. The Safari jeeps safely brought us back where our traveller was parked. I got out and went to pay the Safari at the counter which was on the other side of the road. A tragedy struck me, while crossing the road a jeep hit me right on my knee and I was thrown away from the road by the sheer force of the Jeep. A bit of mistake was mine since I was listening to songs and my headphones were on. I must say, I was probably the luckiest to have gotten away even without a single scratch on my body. Right after I fell, my knee got bruised. I thought I won’t be able to walk again. Don’t know how I could within a span of 5 to 10 minutes. Someone from the crowd which surrounded me called my situation “ADRUSHTHA” in Kannada, meaning lucky. I’m very careful on the roads since then.

Done about the tragedy. Next stop, Abbe falls. How do you even miss this when you are in Coorg? There’s always a but in everything. Here, it was “But we couldn’t play in the water”. It’s okay. Somethings are never meant to be, gotta accept it even if it hurts. Jokes apart, there seemed to be a sudden change in our plan. We thought of visiting Mysore palace on the way back home. It worked, as in everybody agreed.

So, we reached the Heritage and Cultural capital of Karnataka,the MYSORE city. It was the Sunday eve, there will be light and music show at the palace. What can I say about the palace, it is indeed an architectural marvel reverberating the vibes of royalness of the great Wodeyar dynasty. It is decorated by a few thousand light bulbs especially for the light show which is held every weekend. Not only the palace, but the entire area surrounding the palace are decorated with light bulbs. The palace with all the lights on looks no less than a bride of a Indian billionaire in beauty, infact more beautiful than an any bride ever was or ever will be, except for the bride for whom my family will be the groom. Conditions apply, “Only if I ever marry, or even think of marriage”. But if I do, I guarantee she will defy the beauty of this magnificent palace. At least in my view if not others.

One hell of a trip was over. We then headed back to Bangalore after having dinner at a hotel nearby to the palace. That’s it about this blog. I’ll close by showing you the glance of what I was talking about.

Goodbye, until next time!!!