Lavasa, Italian city of India…

A long long gap of almost 80 days after my first trip to Nandi Hills.

I took my first leave of my corporate life for 10 days. Was very excited since was heading to my hometown (Belagavi) after 3 months. This was my festival leave to celebrate Deepavali. Most of the times I celebrate this festival with my uncle and aunt in Pune. So, even this time we went to pune. I was accompanied by my mother. The festival was over in 3 odd days and 2 more days of stay were remaining in Pune. I thought of planning a small trip nearby.

One of my friend, Kaushal Kembhavi fortunately was at Pune the same time around. It is his hometown, so he knows well about in and around.  We met and our destination was Lavasa.

Lavasa is one of the best planned cities of India. The city is styled based on an italian city named Portofino. It is located in the Mulshi valley in the district of Pune. As of now the city owns 2 townships with few hotels, a hospital and a primary, middle and high school. Due to many unfortunate controversies the construction of the city hasn’t been completed yet. It is located around 30km away from Pune city.

Though many taxis are available to and from city, Kaushal brought his own bike. We left at 9am and the road to the Lavasa may not be too smooth, but believe me the view on either sides of the road was fantastic. Lush green valley on one side and beatiful hills on the other. We stopped at a point and had our breakfast, the spicy and delicious Misal Pav. Though I didn’t eat much, but I felt my stomach full due to the scenic view I had of nature infront of my eyes. The travelling time from Pune till Lavasa was about 45-55 minutes excluding the breakfast time.

We reached at the entry, but from the recent past they’ve started taking some entry fees for the tourists maybe just to make out most of the money list. I can easily say that it maybe the beautiful planned city but it’s a flop project, the sites are too costly and unaffordable in many ways. Many of the sites are empty and left abandoned. The city has truly lost it’s charm. It has never been re-painted since the start of the project, everything seems to be dull now. Only the scenic view and the location of the city is worth visiting. Still though the city looks beautiful because there’s no other such city in India. It’s one of a kind.

After spending few time we rode back home. Kaushal treated me with a delicious lunch at his place and dropped me back home. This trip was all possible just because of him. So thanks Kaushal. I owe you something. Will give it back someday for sure.


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  1. So many facts that even I didn’t know about ! And thanks for the special mention 😄

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