Experiencing the dense fog at Nandi hills…

My post includes my memories only after 08162018…

I joined the so called “CORPORATE LIFE” just 2 days ago. I started my life at BOSCH.

I was always reminded the things that happen at your workplace by my cousins. Yes both good and bad. I was told “WORK-LIFE” balance actually is just on paper, it never works out and not unless you decide to do so. So I had decided not to sacrifice my hobbies for a long time, be it traveling, sketching, painting or cooking. I was always advised to make a “LIFE-WORK” balance and not otherwise.

Back to present, the first day at Bosch was on 16th August. Was there before the scheduled time dressed up in brand new formals. Excited, Happy, Proud and yes, a bit Nervous. Didn’t know whom to talk to, whom to make friends. All new faces and from different parts of the country. Frankly speaking I was very hesitant a few minutes to talk to anyone or to make new friends. Fortunately someone made me a friend. Eventually we became good friends. Later towards the end of the day, she introduced me to her friends who had already joined a few days back and they were planning for a trip to the NANDI HILLS which is a famous tourist spot among the locals in BENGALURU. They happily included me in their group even though I had known none of them.

And in just 2 days after joining BOSCH, I had my first trip to NANDI HILLS. We were around 12 newbies who had started their corporate life. Someone had already booked a traveller. Had to meet up at 0400 hours, me a bit overexcited was there at the pickup spot from 0330 hours. My friends turned at 0500 hours. We happened to introduce ourselves. We hopped in the traveller and the journey began.

Most of my life I was an introvert, a secure guy who is hesitant to speak freely with everyone. It continued till we reached the destination. There’s nothing much to see at NANDI HILLS, it’s just the weather. For most part of the year it will be foggy until 0900 or 1000 hours. But the best part was that I met a great bunch of guys and gals. I got to know each and everyone. Clicked photos and so on.

My first post is dedicated to these guys.

  • Isha
  • Aboli
  • Karan
  • Shivansh
  • Diksha
  • Diksha
  • Shraddha
  • Siddhi
  • Shikhar
  • Vamika
  • Piyush
  • Pratiksha

These people are indeed special to me and I’m lucky to have them as my friends and that’s the only reason why I celebrated my 23th birthday only with them and not with any of my school or college friends or even colleagues. I rarely meet them now, I rarely speak to them, but they are my travel buddies.

This trip kick-started my life in BOSCH. Thank you friends. You really made my first trip in corporate life a memorable one.

4 Replies to “Experiencing the dense fog at Nandi hills…”

  1. You are alwaya a hardworkin person ive seen who is good by heart and v good in communication, always b happy and achive a great success in your life, god bless u😊🙌.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You people deserve, each and everyone of you mentioned there.

      Yes yes have reduced wearing headphones 🤣✌️


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